Tempi the Headless pi image

Whenever I start a new RPI project, it takes too long to get SSH/VNC access to the new Pi.

After loading raspbian image to an SD card you’ll need to hook up a screen and keyboard just to connect the newly installed pi to your home or office WiFi. That’s a huge pain.


I created an image of a newly installed Raspbian, set up the WiFi connection (GB), and Raspi-Configed SSH & VNC to be enabled. That’s it!

How can I use it?

  1. Download Tempi from right here (http://rfed.ws/tempi)
  2. Write image to SD, and boot
  3. Use your smart phone Tethering option to open the following network:
    • Network name: pi
    • Key: 3.141592654
  4. Use a network scanner (e.g. nmap) to find out the Pi’s IP, or use hostname to ssh to your PI (“ssh [email protected]” or “ssh [email protected]”)
  5. The pi password is also set to 3.141592654

Did it save you anytime at all?