But, why?

Ah, yes. Reasoning. We all need a good reason don’t we?

ShowerPi is exactly the project for you if you answered “yes” to at least two of the following two questions:

  1. Do you often have “Ah Ha!” moments in the shower, where you find exactly the tune you want to compose (and you are not even a composer), the opening sentence you want to say at the next event, and the start up company idea that’s going to be worth millions of cancer curing hunger busting money making, emm. things. Only to be forgotten the minute you step out of the holy of holies.
  2. You bought a Raspberry Pi (or similar) board, but have no idea what else to with it other than streaming video.

With ShowerPi – You will have a great making project, and you will end up never forgetting a shower thought ever again in your life.


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